Meticulously designed and made with in-house developed composite material to achieve light weight for easy handling of the user. Compatible with ARM based processors, it can identify several elements available in any form from solid, liquid to gaseous state.
Hybrid Material
Crafted with production grade thermoplastic for an aesthetically appealing finish combined with polyurethane foam-based material for high strength to weight ratio.
We have developed an absolute material made with the fusion of production grade thermoplastic and polyurethane foam-based material which has the desirable mechanical properties such as high tensile modulus, compressive and impact strength and temperature tolerance. We carry out extensive studies and testing to develop hybrid materials that are hard-wearing and sustainable. These materials are high efficiency, high quality structure materials that can drive significant performance improvements.
The mechanical casing is redesigned with in-house produced hybrid material such that the overall product weight is reduced by 60%.
The outer housing of the Preemptor has been restructured and made using the in-house developed hybrid material. The overall Preemptor weight has reduced to nearly 3 kg by using hybrid material and compact electronics. The weight reduction greatly benefits the user as handling and operation becomes easy.
Electronics Miniaturization
The compact and modern electronics for faster processing speed of the system while reducing the overall form-factor of the device.
The usage of sophisticated modern miniature electronic devices in the Preemptor has aided in decreasing the size and the weight of the system. The ARM based processor provides swift data processing and the flexibility of hardware integration. A Self-designed Single Power Distribution module has been installed in the system to supply equal voltages to various other electronic components.
Smart Algorithm
Enhanced and configurable software library with robust algorithms for detection purpose. Making it user friendly with its touch-based operation and LED integration.
The improved version of software library of the application is capable of detecting more explosive elements than before. A user-friendly, intuitive application is developed for the operation of the Preemptor which detects as well as projects the spectrum of the detected element. The software displays the remaining battery percentage of the device and informs the user about the number of scans remaining.
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